Selene Factory Visit

The time arrives for our next quarterly factory visit to Selene in China.  This is always an exciting time when we will get to see and feel the boat in the flesh!  This particular visit was quite difficult for me – we were right in the middle of the due diligence process for selling our business.  The completion date wasRead More

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Deck Join is a Milestone

September sees Destiny start to look like a real boat! The deck finishes cooking in its mould and towards the end of the month everything is ready to be joined together. The floor section has already been installed inside the hull. The battening and cabling has been getting on well but we need the lid 🙂 Deck release The firstRead More

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Deck and infusion techniques

So we have the lower hull – but that’s only half of the boat! The next step in the manufacturing process is to laminate the upper half. This will actually be the middle deck when its finished. For those who haven’t got a clue what lamination means, this is the process of building a very strong fibre-glass shell. This canRead More

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Technical Library

The technical design of our Selene 60 has been the result of endless hours of research and the experience of living on board our sailboat for the last six years. In our technical library, we will share with you the decisions we have made and the reasons for them. We will also share our design documents and the research sourcesRead More

Selene 6043 is Born!

The day has finally come when we get to see our new Selene for the first time and we’re excited to be able to witness the release of the hull!  We have no idea how that works and are looking forward to learning.  The Jet Tern driver picked us up at 9am as promised and we battled through the trafficRead More

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First Trip to China

Finally the time came for us to make the long awaited trip to China – but in true Zadelhoff style, nothing is ever simple.  Once again, we were travelling from different places with me living on the tiny island of Gozo in the middle of the Mediterranean and Ed currently in Greece getting our current boat ready to launch forRead More

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Laying the Hull

As soon as the deposit was paid, Jet Tern started the build process of our new Selene straight away.  They prepared the mould for the classic Selene 60 Trawler and laminating began.  One of our key requirements has always been – no white boat!  However, this is a pretty expensive “red line” and there’s always a discussion about how bestRead More

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Our Selene Journey Begins

Our Selene journey began in May 2018 when we suddenly realised we had finally saved enough money to bring our dream to life.  I have spent most of those 10 years trying not to think about the boat. I couldn’t take another disappointment like 2008 so just kept the thought at the back of my mind of maybe “one day”. Read More

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Hull and Construction

The Selene construction is for a hull made of FRP. This basically means its made of fibre glass. The superstructure is manufactured with hand-laid lamination together with vacuum resin infusion techniques. The hull is reinforced with longitudinal stringers running full length on both port and starboard sides together with a transverse frame system. There are four water-tight bulkheads. The SeleneRead More