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Technical Library

Technical Library

The technical design of our Selene 60 has been the result of endless hours of research and the experience of living on board our sailboat for the last five years. In our technical library, we will share with you the decisions we have made and the reasons for them. We will also share our design documents and the research sources which led to our conclusions. This library will grow as we finalise the boat and pull together the documentation – we hope you find it useful and feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss anything we cover.

Each article will start with a basic explanation aimed at inexperienced readers who may not know the jargon. For the more experienced, the articles will drill down to the full technical descriptions. The technical design pages will include drawings and photos as well as links to external resources.

The Selene 60 comes with the basic equipment as standard – and we did decide to keep some of that.  However, every piece of equipment on the boat has been thought about, analysed and chosen to fit with our requirements.  We’ve spent lots of years living aboard our sail-boat so we have a pretty good idea of what we do and don’t want. When it came to our technical design we had clear requirements.

For some, our Selene 60 will be a nightmare! There are many who advocate the “keep it simple” approach but we have never been among them. It does depend on the level of your own technical skills as it is true to say that everything breaks on a boat. You have to be able to repair it yourself and understand how it all works. For this reason, the technical design is our own – we specified and understand every component on the boat.

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