The Selene construction is for a hull made of FRP. This basically means its made of fibre glass. The superstructure is manufactured with hand-laid lamination together with vacuum resin infusion techniques. The hull is reinforced with longitudinal stringers running full length on both port and starboard sides together with a transverse frame system. There are four water-tight bulkheads. The Selene construction process results in a very strong, but thin, hull.

This library section also includes the other components which form part of the hull such as the bulbous bow and fuel tanks. We have also covered anti-fouling and painting of the hull


The standard specification of all the materials used are available from Selene for anyone interested (or you can ask us to send it to you!). It’s a pretty long and boring document! It doesn’t mean much to any normal person with all the facts and figures – so we are concentrating here on the changes we have made.