We don’t like white boats 🙂 Boats should be blue ….. or grey as we have learnt to love with our sailboat. The downside of a blue boat is that it is hard to keep clean and shiny – the UV from the sun dulls the dark colour very quickly and the dark hull shows every salt water line, mark and scrape. The grey colour is a compromise in this respect. The normal way to colour a decent boat is to paint the hull with special paint like Awlgrip. For mass production boats, it is often the case that the colour is not paint but a coloured gel coat layer which is applied to the mould as the first coat when laying the hull

Selene don’t recommend painting a hull until the boat is 2 years old. This is also a generally held opinion in a wider circle as well. Applying paint to new fibre glass can cause blisters and issues with the FRP – it works better when the structure has had a few years to properly cure. So – what to do when you don’t want a white boat? We were lucky that Selene happened to have a quantity of grey gel coat in stock. This was left over from a batch which had been purchased for the deck area of a different boat. They offered it to us without any surcharge, which we accepted.

The grey is very light – its hardly noticeable in the factory but Ed thinks it will look more “grey” when its out on the water. This is only meant to be a temporary solution and we will probably paint the hull in two years’ time anyway.

We can’t post any pictures here ….. we don’t have any to show you yet! The hull looks white to me – so we just have to wait and see!