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Propulsion is about how you move the boat. Of course this includes the engine which generally moves you backwards and forwards but there are also several other bits of equipment to help you with that. Bow and stern thrusters are sideways propellors at the front and back of the boat – these help the boat turn quickly or move in a sideways direction.

When underway – and also when laying at anchor in a bouncy sea – stablisation helps to STOP you moving. At least, it stops you moving in the wrong direction. Technically, this isn’t propulsion but it falls in the same general category. The design of a trawler means it does have a tendency to roll from side to side in the waves – and when waves come from in front or behind, it also pitches.

And what do you do when the engine breaks down and stops running? With a single engine boat, you need an alternative power source which can provide propulsion to get you back to the nearest port. There are several different options for this and each one has its pros and cons. We have tried to put together the combination which works best for us.


We have opted for a single John Deere 6090SFM85 marine diesel engine. This is the primary propulsion system. The engine has been downrated to M1 with 325HP @2100 RPM …..


Our stabilisers are ABT Trac hydraulic – and we also have stabilisation at anchor when we need it …..


Destiny has both bow and stern thrusters which are part of the ABT Trac hydraulic package …

Get Home System

Our Get Home System is a PTO from our large 26kw Northern Lights generator – see why we made this choice from the options available for our secondary propulsion system …..