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Technical Design

Technical Design

The Selene 60 comes with the basic equipment as standard – and we did decide to keep some of that.  However, every piece of equipment on the boat has been thought about, analysed and chosen to fit with our requirements.  We’ve spent lots of years living aboard our sail-boat so we have a pretty good idea of what we do and don’t want.

For some, our Selene will be a nightmare! There are many who advocate the “keep it simple” approach but we have never been among them. It does depend on the level of your own technical skills as it is true to say that everything breaks on a boat. You have to be able to repair it yourself and understand how it all works.

Below are the various detailed sections for the equipment we have chosen and we explain our rationale in each article. This section will be gradually built up as we finalise and install the equipment during the build process.


How do we propel ourselves? Here’s the information on our main engine and the stabilisation systems which keep us comfortable underway. You’ll also find details of the thrusters which help with docking and the Get Home System we hope we never have to use.

Electrical System

We have power from multiple sources including isolated shore power, generators, solar, inverters and batteries. It all hangs together into one system to run a power hungry boat.

Water Systems

If there’s one thing you need to feel like home, it’s plenty of water whenever you want it – hot or cold. But the plumbing has to cope with -40 in the artic and +40 in the tropics so it’s a bit of a challenge.


We are an electronic boat! We have navigation and the normal ship systems in addition to entertainment, safety, monitoring, communications, PC networks, cameras …. I even discovered I have a WiFi enable hob – although that wasn’t the intention!


We will be cruising in the tropics to start with but will eventually be in Alaska as well so we have high spec air conditioning and heating on board.

Anchoring and Mooring

We mostly stay at anchor so substantial ground tackle is critical for us and the gadgets which make it easy to use. From time to time, we also have to use marinas or tie up to other vessels.

Annexe Boat

The annexe boat is the same in principle as your car at home. We use it for day trips to the beach as well as the practical uses of shopping and getting rid of the rubbish.