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Interior Layout and Design

Interior Layout and Design

Custom-made Selene

The Selene yacht is fully flexible and (within reason) you can lay the boat out exactly as you choose – and design and build the cabinetry to suit.  You can choose the colour schemes and the equipment you want.  It’s just about as close as you can get to a custom built yacht – it’s really only the hull that can’t change.


Galley-up because …

Cockpit staircase


State rooms


We like modern, but not TOO modern.  We do like teak, but wanted to do away with the old fashioned louvre doors and cathedral doors.  On the other hand, we don’t like the new fashion for “Ikea” style boat interiors (as we call them!) with very flat and square designs ….

Colour Scheme

Always cream for me …. and as we’ve gone for a grey hull, it will be cream and grey.

Black granite