Meet the “Destiny” crew – we are both RYA qualified skippers with 20+ years together on our boats. We fall into our roles on-board with our complimentary skills, the same as we do in all areas of our life. We are cruising the world armed with experience of several different boats. A range of events over our time on the water has taught us to respect the power of the sea and learn from each experience.

We started our boating life together with a 16.5ft speed boat which we towed behind our motor-home on holidays to Spain and to Croatia. Always pushing the boundaries we felt constrained by having to be back before dark! We wanted to explore further afield – although not quite cruising the world at that stage! The speed boat was fun but we soon bought a 27ft fast cabin cruiser and upgraded that to 31ft after a year and 40ft after another year. We lived on board the 40ft boat all summer in the Mediterranean. Not being the usual motor boat type of people, we hate marinas. We were normally the only motor cruiser on anchor in the bay!

With the rising cost of fuel and some technical issues with the boat, we decided to learn to sail. In 2013 we bought our sail boat and have had some wonderful times living on-board. In between, we have chartered a Selene 53 trawler in Florida – and our own sail boat has taken us through Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Malta and Italy.

Sailing has taught us a huge amount about boats and we’re both at home on the water in the good times and bad. We’ve sat through storms at anchor up to 47 knots, through a medicane and some other serious weather systems. We are both always learning but can’t wait to extend our cruising beyond Europe. We want to explore the other cruising areas of the world. The journey to our Selene 60 has been a long one – but hopefully our Destiny will soon be fulfilled …..


Ed van Zadelhoff

skipper & Chief Engineer

Ed is the skipper and chief engineer – mainly, when it breaks, he fixes it! On a boat that means he has to be an engine mechanic, electrician, plumber, electronics specialist, water-maker officionado and generally understand everything technical on-board.

He’s had a lot of practice at this on all our other boats – and never ceases to amaze with the solutions he comes up with! He is, of course, also in overall charge of the boat – although we work as a team and can do everything ourselves – in a crisis, he’s unquestionably in control.

Before living on-board Destiny, Ed’s career has always involved managing large teams of people and finding operational solutions to a wide-ranging variety of business problems. He’s very practical and pragmatic – great skills on-board our boat.

Christine van Zadelhoff

Co-Skipper & Navigator

Before living on-board “Destiny”, Chris has spent her life sitting on her a*** behind a computer for most of the day! Her career has been in business management and consultancy – everything desk based, staring at a screen.

On-board, she takes care of the navigation and planning, as well as keeping all the ships records up to date – and of course, the blog. As a hobby, she has always designed and developed websites – loves playing with anything from Adobe, and can spent hours (and even days) tweaking the designs, playing around and writing content. Keeps her busy!

She is also quite technical and has no problem at all to work with Ed, get her hands dirty and help to solve technical issues. In the building of Destiny, Chris designed the electronics and electrical systems and will configure the Maretron network and get everything working (hopefully!).